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Our Story - Organic Food

Food, The fuel for the human body and for other creatures living on earth. The food contains various vitamins, minerals, nutrients that develop basic cells in the human body, and makes our brain function. Food has a direct connection with the evolution of human beings and still as valid as it was earlier. Various types of foods were discovered within time and nowadays we have lots of food choices available in the market.

More available options of foods raise more questions about their quality, authenticity, and purity. Do all of these foods are good for you, your family, and your loved ones? Or some of them? Or Most of them? Or None of Them? And many more.

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Our Journey - We Started Finding Answers

By understanding these questions in detail and by going to the core part of the problem, We came to the conclusion that Organic Food is the only possible solution available to eliminate all these different questions related to good food and our health.

Identifying and producing proper food is an ongoing challenge for the entire world and the continuous increase in usage of harmful chemicals and pesticides at the farm level has another major issue. Knowingly or unknowingly farmers are using harmful synthetic pesticides to control many diseases and to increase overall yield but they are slowly poisoning their land which will die in the future or produce toxic elements in the form of food.

Our aim is to aware and guides the entire human society to produce and identify the right food for the right health using pure science. We have proper expertise along with rich experience to educate, train, and aware our farmers to grow food using organic farming instead of conventional farming. Organic food is the only solution we have right now to save the lives of humans, animals, micro-organisms, and our mother nature.

PureSaiens - Pure, Science, and Health

PureSaiensFoods means a variety of foods grown organically based on pure scientific farming methods. Our trust in proper science from the last many years has developed strong confidence to build and execute a sustainable food chain system that is capable of growing highly nutritious organic foods and serving the same to the end consumer.

We are sourcing organic foods from various parts of India and currently associated with organic certified individual farmers, farmers groups, and other growers. We have our own in-house organic certified processing unit to control and manage product quality at various levels of processing. Our processing unit is highly qualified to preserve nutrients and other important properties of each product while processing, packing, and stocking.

We believe that humans must consume nutritious food required for the body to function for a longer time and should avoid harmful foods that contain toxic elements, synthetic pesticides, and chemicals. Just like good fuel makes an engine good and durable, good food makes a healthy and long-living human body and in reverse, bad food makes the human body unhealthy and invites many diseases.

Our goal is to save humans, animals, all microorganisms, and mother nature by converting conventional farming into organic farming.

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