We Are Authentic

Source of Organic Food

A direct association with organic certified individual farmers, farmers groups, and other growers makes us a more reliable, confident, and authentic source of organic food. Our association with farmers allows us to monitor, control, and study the entire crop production at the farm level where we use our expertise to maintain product quality, quantity(yield), and purity. The continuous dedication and hard work of our farmers towards organic farming and their love for mother nature inspire us all the time to deliver organic food to maximum people.

Our procurement of organic products comes under a legitimate process that validates the purity of products as per organic standards defined by NPOP and NOP norms. Before taking it into processing, We verify the product by testing it in a NABL approved laboratory for pesticide residue, metal detection, and physical properties. Only after passing all the required norms, We do further value addition to the product in our in-house processing unit. 

Processing, Packaging & Storage

We have our own organic certified in-house processing and packing facility with a dedicated, safe, and hygienic storage area for organic foods. Our high-grade machinery is capable of preserving nutrients, vitamins, and minerals while processing foods at various different levels. We have in-house Cleaning, Sorting, Grinding, Blending, Roasting, Vibrating, Sealing, and Packing facility which allows us to control and maintain product quality and purity at all levels.

Scientific packing and storing of food products increase their shelf life by keeping them nutritious for a longer time. We have different mechanisms of packing and storing different products to preserve their nutritions for a maximum longer days. We have a separate dedicated storing area for allergens and nonallergens products to avoid any type of contamination during processing, packaging, and storing of the products.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a basic and most essential part of the sustainable food chain system in the food industry. There are various levels of checks defined by our quality standards to verify each and every product to meet and qualify international quality norms. PureSaiensFoods is dedicated to delivering only quality products to consumers by keeping their trust in priority all the time. Our pre and post-harvesting farming practices along with our strict processing standards preserve the all-important properties of products such as their size, color, freshness, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and others which keeps producing a perfect quality product for the end consumer.

The quality of a product is defined by its overall nutritional values and we have different mechanisms for different products to preserve their nutrients while processing them to get final products.

The authenticity of Organic Food

Our products are organic certified as per NPOP (National Programme for Organic Production) and NOP (National Organic Program) norms. 

It is implemented by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Gov of India. NPOP grants organic farming certification through a process of third party certification. It involves the accreditation programme for Certification Bodies, standards for organic production, promotion of organic farming etc. The NPOP standards for production and accreditation systems have been recognized by the European Commission, Switzerland, and USA as equivalent to their respective accreditation systems

This federal regulatory program develops and enforces uniform national standards for organically-produced agricultural products sold in the United States. Operating as a public-private partnership, the National Organic Program (NOP) accredits third-party organizations to certify that farms and businesses meet the national organic standards. USDA and accredited certifiers also work together to enforce the standards, ensuring a level playing field for producers and protecting consumer confidence in the integrity of the USDA Organic Seal.